Nocturnal Emission

Have you ever woken up to find wet, sticky spot on your underwear? At first you may get worried, but if you have already gone through puberty, you probably had a nightfall or wet dream. Nightfall or Nocturnal Emission is an involuntary ejaculation of semen from the penis that occurs during sleep after an erotic dream. Males begin the process of puberty between the age of 12-14 and during this process they start to produce sperm.

At this period of puberty, their body starts producing sperm and they gain the ability to ejaculate. At this time they start facing the problem of nocturnal emission. This happens due to sexual arousal during dreams. During adolescence the condition is normal, but if you are prone to wet dreams, then you need to consult a specialist.

What causes wet dreams in males?

Wet dreams occur when you have sexually arousal dreams during sleep and your body releases semen after a while. You may feel confused just after you get wet dream. The problem of nightfall is quite embarrassing for adolescents. It is a normal part of growing up for males, but if discharge takes place frequently, then you should seek an expert help. Those who are experiencing negative psychological effects due to wet dreams are advised to consult Dr JK Nath, best sexologist doctor inNavi Mumbai. As with the sexual issues you need to be transparent and open to confront the doctor for the treatment.

Nocturnal Orgasm also affects women

Both males and females experience nocturnal orgasm. During rapid eye movement females also experience blood flow to their genitals, which typically occurs during arousal. Girls can’t ejaculate, so they have an orgasm during erotic dreams. For women, the experience is less wet but intense. These dreams may lead to lubrication and orgasm, which happen during adolescence and adulthood.

Nightfall in men and women is a sexual problem and must need a treatment, as it can affect your sex life. You can visit the best sexologist clinic inNavi Mumbai to get the treatment for maintaining long term sex relation.