About Us

Dr. J.k. Nath


Family & Marriage Counsellor Sexologist

Dr JK Nath’s Super Speciality Clinic is a well known sex Clinic in Navi Mumbai, where Dr JK Nath provides world class treatment for men and women. He believes that every person should enjoy their personal life to the fullest and if anyone has a problem related to sexual disorder, sexually transmitted disease and infertility, then Dr JK Nath has the right solution for you. Instead of silent suffering from sexual disorders, you should take the treatment for the problem, which is ruining relationship, self- confidence and self-esteem.

  • Approved Fellow in Sex Counselling & Therapy by The American University, Washington
  • Diplomate of American Board of Sexology
  • AUTHOR of international Enclopedia of Sexuality USA (Indian Chapter)
  • Fellow of the European Seciety of Sexual Medicine
  • Our Vision

    Sex is one of the most basic needs for human beings, but these days, a lot of people are suffering from sexual problems and the major reason behind these dysfunctions is lack of sex education. People who are keen to getting the condition resolved are seeking an expert’s advice, but they don’t know whom to approach. Considering these factors Dr JK Nath has stepped into the arena of helping couples with their sexual dysfunctions.

    Dr JK Nath’s super specialty clinic was founded with a vision to provide quality treatment for all male and female sexual dysfunction at an affordable price. We believe that quality treatment and transparent services are the right way to cure a person and being a pioneer in this field, it is our duty to provide treatment with complete transparency and confidentiality. We believe that every individual should get the best of their sex life and in pace with this we are providing the best treatment with complete confidentiality and transparency.

    Why Choose Us ?

    We provide the best possible treatments and services.

    We keep full transparency through diagnosing/treatment/curing and healing.

    We provide treatment through latest technology to lay down your health issues.

    We serve our patients with fully humble cooperation.

    Our patient’s privacy is our first priority, so we keep our patients’ privacy details secure

    and do not share them to any third parties.

    We have a team of well qualified doctors.

    Our clinic has a neat and hygienic environment.