Low Libido in Men and Women

It is common to lose interest in sex from time to time and libido level varies from time to time and person to person. Low libido for a long time is a matter of concern as it can ruin your relationship. It can sometimes be an indicator of underlying health conditions. The causes of low libido in men and women are different.

Low Libido in men

Lack of sex desire is not common in men. Some males find that their interest in sex diminishes as they get older. The sex drive in males can be decreased temporarily by conditions such as fatigue or stress. The gradual decrease of sex desire in males may cause distress to the couple. It can occur after year of normal sex desire due to some lifestyle conditions.

What causes low libido in males?

It can occur due to some psychological factors, such as depression, stress, anxiety, guilt feelings, relationship problems and early sexual inexperience. Chronic diseases such as kidney problems, high blood pressure and diabetes can also decrease the level of sex desire. When low libido occurs, men have less sexual thoughts, fantasies and less interest in sex, which results in less sexual engagement. The condition can get treated with treatment like counseling and testosterone supplementations.

Low libido in women

It is the biggest sexual problem in women, which is often linked to job stress, tiredness and relationship issues. Low libido can be a sign of an underlying medical problem. Libido of each person is different, but if you find that you are no longer enjoying the sex and it is affecting your relationship, then you should seek for medical help. Women may experience lack of sexual thoughts, lack of sexual desire and distress.

What causes low libido in females?

If you suffer from such symptoms, then you may be suffering from low sex desire. A wide range of illnesses, physical changes, psychological disturbance and medications causes low sex desire in females. Some of the major causes of low libido are stress, depression, serious relationship problems, sexual problem, medical diseases, medications, anemia, post delivery coolness, unbalanced hormones and birth control pills.

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